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Iberogast has been providing relief for over 55 years

The combination of 9 medicinal herbs used in Iberogast was researched and developed in the late 1950s. Iberogast has been providing sufferers with fast-acting, effective relief from functional digestive symptoms ever since.

History of old Iberogast packs in Germany

Please note - the Iberogast packaging shown in the images on this history page were available overseas and not in Australia.

Using science to relieve symptoms

For more than 55 years globally, Iberogast has helped people with digestive symptoms and had a place in people's homes.

With the combination of nine different herbs, Iberogast has helped generations of people with various functional digestive symptoms. However, it was only through intensive research that the power of the nine medicinal herbs used in Iberogast were truly understood.

Today Iberogast is available in over 20 different countries around the globe. Bayer has extensive pharmaceutical expertise, and manufactures effective, high quality medicines.

When it comes to making Iberogast, Bayer uses the same rigorous manufacturing and quality standards applied to all medicines. This approach, paired with the power of nature, means Iberogast is an effective, solution.

Over 55 years of Iberogast

The clear understanding of the combination of the "Fantastic Nine" medicinal plants actually only became clear over the decades - through intensive research.

historic old Iberogast pack 60s


Iberogast is born

The combination of 9 medicinal herbs used in Iberogast was researched and developed in the late 1950s. By the early 1960s, Iberogast was born. They used the existing extensive medicinal plant knowledge - and to expand it further to find the right composition and the mixing ratio of the selected nine medicinal plants. Quality standards and controls were defined and set standards for future production. Initially, Iberogast was manufactured by hand, right from extraction and blending to filling and packing. This was a painstaking process.

historic old Iberogast pack 70s


Expand production

Scientific research into Iberogast continued from the outset. In the 1970s, the aim was to make Iberogast’s manufacturing process more efficient and to expand production so more people could benefit from the treatment.

historic old Iberogast pack 80s


Multi-action effect is discovered

In 1986, one of Iberogast’s key characteristics was discovered: its multi-action effect. This means that Iberogast has different diverging effects on different parts of the gastrointestinal tract. It relaxes over-active stomach muscles and stimulates stomach muscles that are moving too slowly or weakly to relieve multiple functional digestive symptoms. This discovery led to a variety of new research activities and important publications. From the mid-1980s, additional research was carried out and proved Iberogast’s established tolerability profile.

historic old Iberogast pack 90s


Multi-target effect is discovered

In the mid-1990s, Iberogast’s individual modes of action were researched. This led to its multi-target effect being found. Each of the nine specially-selected herbal plant extracts in Iberogast have their own active ingredients that target the functional digestive issues. Combined in Iberogast, they reinforce each other and work together “synergistically” to relieve a range of functional digestive symptoms. Iberogast’s efficacy was further investigated too, based on new international guidelines that had recently been introduced.

historic old Iberogast pack millenium


Research continues

The new millennium brought fresh discoveries. In 2003, new research uncovered Iberogast’s ability to have effects in different regions of the gastrointestinal tract: it can relax the fundus in the upper part of the stomach and stimulate the antrum in the lower part. The wider scientific community were immediately interested in this groundbreaking discovery of Iberogast. Further studies followed; in 2006 the effect of Iberogast against Inflammation and motility disorders in the intestine were confirmed. The following year a positive effect on irritable bowel syndrome was identified.

historic old Iberogast pack from 2010


From strength to strength

Iberogast’s success story continues today. It has been used by millions sufferers. Research into Iberogast is continuing too. It’s now one of the most documented plant-based medicines for gastrointestinal disorders in the world.