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Making Iberogast

From the field to the bottle, Bayer’s rigorous manufacturing process means Iberogast is a high quality product you can rely on to relieve your functional digestive symptoms.

Medicinal plants cultivation - Iberogast  field

Plant-based medicine isn’t easy. Plants need certain nutrients and just the right amount of water and light in order to flourish. To make things trickier, they often only produce beneficial substances at certain points in their life cycle. Extracting these substances from plants is a complicated process too.

We use our expertise to get plant-based medicine right, not only from growing and harvesting, but also the post-harvest processes and the extraction processes.

Investing in sustainability

Bayer follows the highest standards and is committed to sustainability. Bayer harvests quality medical plant extracts with care. The nine medicinal plants used in Iberogast are grown carefully and responsibly in a range of locations around the world.

The highest quality

To ensure the highest quality product, we strive to grow our plants under optimal conditions. We also rigorously control the harvest, extraction and manufacturing processes and optimise our extraction methods to each extract. At every step of the process, the extracts are tested in line with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to enforce the highest standards and maintain the utmost quality.

Once production and all quality control standards have been met, the treatment is bottled, sealed and packaged on a state of the art production line. From cultivation to packaging, your bottle of Iberogast undergoes multiple quality checks, so Iberogast can bring you effective, fast-acting relief from your digestive symptoms.

The result? Iberogast is an effective, high quality product that has been used by millions of people over 55 years, worldwide.